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This is a roleplaying site that takes place in the Blood+ universe 70 years after the end of the show.
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 Naiya Kaen

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Naiya Kaen
Naiya Kaen

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PostSubject: Naiya Kaen   Tue Mar 25, 2008 2:42 pm

Name: Naiya Kaen (Diamond Flame)

Age: Unknown looks around 16-18

Gender: Female

Height: 5'12

Weight: 98 Lbs.



Personality: Is constantly coming on to people. Spends a lot of her time sleeping or feeding. Never listens to anybody but herself. Treats her followers like dirt.

Likes: Blood, death, chaos, pain, fire, exploiting people weaker then her, sex (Shes somewhat a sex addict.), men, girls (Shes bisexual.).

Dislikes: People lower then her, anybody who tries to hurt her, anything cold, peace, people uniting.

Mannerisms: She will sometimes bite into her wrist and drink her own blood if shes bored.

Hobbies: Drinking blood and destroying the lives of humans.


Brief Summary: Naiya already killed the person she was born with.

Alliance: Chaotic/Blood Lust

History: Naiya was born in the early stages of the second world war. She was raised by her mother who trained both her and her sister to kill humans rather then help them. Naiya killed her mother and sister for fear of their powers. She purposefully got involved in Vietnam and killed more then her fair share of people. Naiya got her first Chevalier (Not created yet saving it for somebody else.) around this time period. Naiya made a name for herself with all who new about Chiropetra. Many attempts at killing her failed from Red Shield. She now lives with her first and only Chevalier in Paris but spends most of her time moving around. She often acts childish and shops far more then she should.

(Put your stats here. Use a scale of 1-10.)

Speed: 10/10

Strength: 8/10

Intelligence: 10/10

Stamina: 6/10 Shes pretty wimpy.

How much do they feed: 100 (She feeds at every chance she gets.)
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Naiya Kaen
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