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This is a roleplaying site that takes place in the Blood+ universe 70 years after the end of the show.
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 michiyo hasegawa

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Kai Alexander Takeda

Kai Alexander Takeda

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PostSubject: michiyo hasegawa   Thu Mar 27, 2008 6:44 pm

Name:Michiyo Hasegawa

Age: appears 16


Height: 5'3"




Personality: She acts like a bit of a spoiled brat and a tombooy. She hates being girly and loves to get into trouble. She mainly annoys the other schiff she lives with.

Likes: Boys and boy stuff.

Dislikes: people telling her to be more like a girl

Mannerisms: she has preety decent manners but doesn't show any

Hobbies:watching the sky.


Brief Summary of Character: (Anything not mentioned above.)

Alliance: neutral

History: Michiyo was a normal girl. She was born into a regular family. She was good friends with Shin because her family and his family were very close. Both families wanted for Shin and Her to get married but she didn't want to marry him, though she did like him. She wanted to marry when she was old enough. So she ran away form home. She was a very strong fighter and was only second to Shin. The members from the lab saw much talent in her and took her away. They experimented on her turning her into a Schiff. She managed to escape though along with another Schiff who she's always around. That Schiff name was Sukai.
Stats (Explain their strengths weaknesses etc.)

Speed: 5/10



Stamina: 9/10

Weapon Type:scythe,demon claw

Weapon Appearance:weapons in her hand.

Weapon Abilities:The scythe can rip open portals to other dimensions and shoot out red lazer beams that could melt right through metal. The claw allows her to create nightmares and slice through a person inner thoughts, it also allows her to seal things away like a persons mind.
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Naiya Kaen
Naiya Kaen

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PostSubject: Re: michiyo hasegawa   Thu Mar 27, 2008 6:48 pm


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michiyo hasegawa
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