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This is a roleplaying site that takes place in the Blood+ universe 70 years after the end of the show.
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 Nikorasu Mira

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Nikorasu Mira

Nikorasu Mira

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PostSubject: Nikorasu Mira   Thu Mar 27, 2008 3:40 pm

Name: Nikorasu Mira

Age: 16

Gender: male

Height: 6 foot

Weight: 260 pounds (pure muscle, very little fat)

Years Since Becoming a Chevalier: unknown

Which Queen Do They Serve: Chishio


Personality: he likes to be alone most of the time, and is somewhat withdrawn to most things, but when he’s around people he likes, he opens up and is a lot happier. He hates people that piss him off, but he just lives to serve, and basically a servant, and doesn’t really like to lead. He doesn’t trust people very much, and it takes him a long time to even come close to trusting anyone, though he makes friends rather easily.

Likes: he loves fighting, being alone, sleeping, eating, and sneezing. He also likes to cook, and create things. Though he is a bit artsy he still likes order and justice. He likes to uphold rules, even if sometimes he doesn’t always agree with him.

Dislikes: he hates people who talk to much, or people who are two faced, he basically hates people in general and it takes him a while to truly acknowledge there existence. He also hates breaking rules, and disorder, it makes him a bit cranky.

Mannerisms: whenever he gets extremely bored or extremely tired, he starts to crack his knuckles and crack his ankles, neck and back. When you ever see him his hands are usually in his pockets. When asked a disgusting or disturbing question he twitches for a moment, but then regains his composure.

Hobbies: he mostly likes to collect weapons, and design cars, and airplanes, though he is technically a kid.

Occupation: since he is a kid people don’t exactly hire kids, but over his years of living he was able to become a secret executive of a major jet company in upper Japan. This job makes it easy for him to go from place to place undetected helping his queen everywhere she goes.



Alliance: He is a neutral party, but in times where he is in extreme anger he becomes chaotic and blood thirsty.

History: when he was born he was a happy kid never really getting into trouble and never really having an attitude problem. He went with the flow of life and never made waves with people, knowing that to cause trouble was only to cause drama and tension. His best friend as a boy was his friend makku. Makku looked out for nikorasu throughout his days of being a mortal and never let any kind of trouble get to his friend. When nikorasu finally got into middle school, everything changed in his life. His grandmother who was like a mother died and his father was moving in and out of his life, eventually dying right in front of nikorasu when he was only 11. From those days on nikorasu was a darkened soul, becoming antisocial and very dark inside. One day when he was in high school, he got into a fight with his best friend makku, they both fought hard and strong, and then with a straight line punch to makku’s chest, nikorasu stopped makku’s heart killing him in the process. Nikorasu immediately left his home running away from his problems and worries, claiming to have died in his home town and leaving the country. When nikorasu turned 16 on his birthday he was a beggar on the street scrambling around for change, and then on his birthday, he met chishio and his life was never the same again.

Stats: his is very good at power shots, and blocking, defensive counter styles, but when it comes to attacking he lacks a little bit, but can recover. He has high stamina, and very nice strength, but when it comes to speed, he isn’t the slowest but he is not the fastest either.

Speed: 5/10

Strength: 9/10

Intelligence: 7/10

Stamina: 9/10

Normal Form Appearance:

Chiropetra Form Appearance:

Half-Chiropetra Form Appearance:

Chiropetra Form Powers: he can make chains of steal form and send them flying at a person, he also can manipulate metal at will. he can fly with his wings, but there mostly used as a sheild.

Half-Chiropetra Form Powers: his armor is as an inpenitrable metal and it makes him stronger allowing him to punch 5 times harder then in his normal form. (YOU CAN'T BREAK THROUGH IT WILLY NILLY, NEED TO GET HIM PISS POOR EXHUASTED)

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Naiya Kaen
Naiya Kaen

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PostSubject: Re: Nikorasu Mira   Thu Mar 27, 2008 4:23 pm

ITS RANPU! Lol, cool mate Approved.

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Nikorasu Mira

Nikorasu Mira

Posts : 53
Join date : 2008-03-26
Age : 27

PostSubject: Re: Nikorasu Mira   Thu Mar 27, 2008 4:26 pm

lol yea thanks
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PostSubject: Re: Nikorasu Mira   

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Nikorasu Mira
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